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'Helping Companies Grow'

Helping Companies Grow

Do you want to grow your business? 
The answer of course is yes, the challenge is deciding how to do it. There are many alternatives to consider, but how do you know which is the most likely to succeed?  The potential to choose the wrong alternative can paralyze decision making, especially if the executive team is not aligned.  Resources are often limited making it difficult to put the ‘thought time’ into a growth strategy, much less the operational plan to execute it.

RCA Consulting unlocks the 'thought time" that business leaders need to develop real strategies for growth.  Our proven approach leverages your core business assets into an actionable plan that will drive top-line growth and bottom-line profit.

Strategy News

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What they are saying about RCA Consulting.

'We had tried several different ways to grow our business, but none of the things we tried had really succeeded. Randy asked us the tough questions that helped us define our core business and recognize that we were not close to fulfilling our potential. His approach helped us develop a growth strategy that has paid off with an increase in business from existing customers as well as new customers.' -
President, Logistics Company

‘I have worked with a number of consultants, this is the very first time I felt value was added to the process.  In my experience most consultants simply take what is internal knowledge, lay claim to it, feed it to management, and somehow it gains credibility.  You are an excellent facilitator, and the process is clear, concise and logical. My type A side loves that. But you are also creative and flexible, my creative side appreciates that.’
  - Director of Sales, Food Processing

'You're not like some of the consultants we have brought in before.  They took our watch, told us what time it was and gave it back with a big bill.  You gave us your point of view and delivered on your commitments'.
-VP, Strategic Planning, Aerospace and Defense